monotwins music base camp/BASISLAGER der monotwins musik/on - M O N O T W I N S music on

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Hallo ! GOOD 2 CU alive and kicking :)

this ´R´ the monotwins on

´U´´R´ VERY VERY welcome on monotwins base camp !!

May B U´ll find some usefull skills,tools, colors, rhythms, melodys, ARTworx, HERE inside this base camp,  we compile as monotwins music/ authors/producers/musicians/DJs, during we follwing our songlines in this delta area - known as NEANDERTAL ( start ABOUT).  


P.S.: push start
4on the recorder ahead 2 listen/watch 2 a current´n´selected track we will vary on the flow.

work in progress area

S P R I N G / B R E E Z E Edition 2.018





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